Cone Beam Implants

Cone Beam Implants in Bathurst

Cone Beam Implants

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Cone Beam CT

At our practice, we utilise a cone beam CT scan, an innovative technology used to better capture images of the mouth. This imaging system is especially useful for dentists planning dental implants and maxillofacial surgery.

How It Works

Cone beam scans utilise a cone-shaped beam pointed at a detector which spins around the patient. The machinery sends hundreds of images produced by the beam to a software system that creates a three-dimensional perspective of the treatment area.

Superior Diagnostics

With superior technology, we can pinpoint a superior diagnosis. This state-of-the-art scan helps us to plan for a precise dental implant or maxillofacial surgery.

Technology for a Fast Response

Cone beam CT scans are especially helpful when it comes to cases that require a fast response. In the past, our dentists have treated patients within a few short hours with this scanner, allowing them to be photo ready for big events that same evening.

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